Monday, November 23, 2009

yep 1'm 14 now : )

hey last thursday on 19th November at 00.35....................i grew a year older. i'm 14 now haha for my friends it's lyk i'm sooo young coz some of them are even already 15. i may be young, but i aint the youngest, i'm guessing Nabila is the youngest since her birthday is on 20th December.

Some said happy birthday rite on 12 o'clock, even on that time i'm not even 14 yet. but i appriciate them waiting for 12 o'clock to say "Happy Birthday". Dad, Dina, Dinda, Zata, Nabila, Faris, Iddo, and who else i forgot. was the first 10 to say Happy Birthday on text messege. how nice of them, thanks alot :D a lot mentioned my birthday on Twitter and Facebook. but i haven't reply them all bcoz shoot there's so many.

in the morning, mom and dad wake up early to give me this Black Foresr Cake with candle's on it, mom made me this cool pop-up wish card from the whole family with writings on it. went to school and every1 is lyk "TSAAAMMY HAPPY BIRTHDAY" they hugged me and crap. in class, Mr.Nirwan even give his wishings in front of the class, as i recall he never done that to anyone........yet haha. Tante Mitha gave me this purple Crocs shoes and i wore them immediately!

after school, they brought me this huge Strawberry Cheese Cake from Nadia. and my friends bought me a super cool Swatch with comic picts on it. how nice :)))) and Nabila gave me this thick ficts book bout friendship and Nasha-Vadi gave me a comic of Romeo&Juliet and Macbeth by Shakespeare. cooool haha love em so much.

that day Iddo had this Physic competition that i should've done to but i would enter the English. so i didnt meet him much, at 7ish he came to my hommie and bring his present...a bag and sandals! cool ones.

Saturday i celebrate it with orphans and family and elementry sweethearts. Dad gave me a pink coloured digital camera.had so much fun, thanks a lot <3

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sporty Day

Heeey guys! This Saturday my friends and i had a plan to run in the morning in senayan. actually it should've been last week but a lot can't go that time. but this week Chika Nabila Hasya can't come uuuu so sad. Nasha and Vadi is having this concert in Bandung. soooo it was only me Wina Pandu Imam Faris.

i woke up at 5 am, then i showered and had a tiny portion of breakfast. then pandu 'ping'-ed me to come fast to accompany Wina. when i arrived there (was around 6 am) Wina hasn't even showered yet. good thing her house is in Kebayoran Lama. me and Wina met Pandu and Probo on the Baseball field. because they got this match against, we had Ketupat Sayur for breakfast which was really good :p then Reza came to pick Pandu and Probo up back to the baseball field. then atlast............we ran!!! for 2 laps around the dome which where they use to held soccer matches. then we met Nadia, she was going to have this competition.silat or something.

already sweaty we run back to my car to put Faris and Imam's bag. then we watched the baseball match.Iddo played...well. but we lost for 12-5, i think. aaaaaaaa just another badluck, got Hokben and went to Alpus with Faris. ohyeah we picked up Hasya from Nano first. i went to Alpus Transformation to see Naufal's school against 48 or whatever. he lost then i went home and watch This Is It and had dinner in Takigawa :) :)


Saturday, October 24, 2009


hey! if my last post was dedicated to Medha. well this one is for Mr.Avian HAHA okay so............................................i gotta get going.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Medha's Surprise!

hello bloggers,so my bestfriend and the second leader of our lovely OSIS 2009 Talitha Medha Anindya 14th birthday!!!!! (i'm sure u've heard her name either FB Twitter or else).Chika was the one who wanted to give Medha a surprise in the firstplace so we started thinking what to make for her,and a light bulb come burstin out of our head (ha ha jayus) were gonna make a scrapbook!!!! ofcourse with memoriable pictures from7th until 9th grade. and signatures from the closest friends :) :) so i made the scrapbook from pieces of light and dark blue carton and tie them up with purple ribbon (not as good as it sounds like tho) and Chika will bring the markers and pictures from Gogirl. i have lots of pictures from the 7th grade which was so freaking hilarious, the poses and angles fufufu nice to left that behind. but my printer was out of tint so i asked Nadia to print it out, but then she asked Wina to do it.

sooo the picts was supposed to be in the scrapbook but Wina made lyk this big one instead with ribbons and stuff. so my scrapbook was for 38-39-40 peeps to sign, it was Faris and Chika's duty to get the sign from peeps and Wina & Pandu took the Blueberry Cheesecake which was soooooooo yummy and we ate it with our own bare hands. and Nadia Nadya to keep Meda busy

at first we wanted to bring her to 9d where the cheesecake was but finally we took it to her on the 2nd floor. hm there was Me Nabila Chika Vadi Nasha Nadya Faris Iddo Wina Pandu there and Nadia came when Medha finished blowing the candle. if there was a guitar i would ask Vadi to play her a song hahahaha :p then Risyad Sabila Incha came and sort of finished the whole thing and cheesecake war>>> Risyad threw it to Pandu's face (or someone else idr) -.- that was in the Acceleration class and Bu Farikah wanted to teach pm there and we sort of gotten mad at but it was fun lah :D



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Making Cupcakes at Faris's

heyho! so i'm not that good at introductions so let's just skip that and move on to the part where i actually tell you the here it goes...

last Sunday, Faris made this event (well not a formal event thou) at his house for open fasting together.Soooo my dad was like not sure to let me out on sunday night coz i'll spend less time with him if i go out. ouch,sorry dad. but i went anyway, won't miss this kind of things and i will meet Iddo, so that's a plus :D i went to Bloop, Tebet first to buy some t-shirts and stuff and i wanted to buy this really cool ankle boots and they don't have my sad ;p pissed bcoz i didnt got the shoes and it was freakin hot coz it's so crowded and the AC is broken -.- i went home and met Nabila outside of my hommie waitin for me, poor her haha. we played Sims 2 and i sort of killed our dad in the Sims coz i accidently let on a fire. did my prayers, and we are off to Faris's crib!

Iddo was there already, then Nasha along with Vadi ofcourse, than Annah and then Rommy. we watched Orphan in such a bad quality coz Faris bought it illegaly ahaha. We got bored and started making cupcakes.......Annah founded the ricipe on the net, and we followed it. what we need is powder, vanilli flavouring, the powder that makes the cupcake expand, couple of eggs and i forgot what else, the first thing that we do is

1. put everything in the bowl except the eggs2. stir it well
3. put the eggs in
4. pour them in small cups

5. put them in the oven for as long as it takes until it's baked.
6. clean up the mess

while we wait for the cupcakes to be baked we ate bcoz it's already magrib time.Farisis so generous by preparing loads of foods for us, there's Chicken-Es Buah-Fuyonghai-Noodles-Gorengan-and some veggie that i forgot what was it and oyeah this really good Satay!! thanks : ] i prayed than some played cards and some opened Youtube and some just hanged on the bed doin almost nothing haha. then the cupcake was ready! and this is how it looks like....
haha doesn't taste that good. it doesn't taste anything at all actually but thank god Annah bought some choco syrup so we pour it on top of it. and i make a small I in the middle with my cupcake, it's late and i went home with Nabila. so thanks a lot for an awesome night, gotta go

see ya later,

Friday, September 11, 2009

Open fasting with 8F 38 <3

hey! so actually i don't wanna post anything anymore but since my blog will be scored for the TIK subject, i guess it wouldn't hurt to post something so peeps will just keep talking bout my silly blog updates :p so last Thursday 8F made an open fasting event at Razy's house..........which first i didn't think that my mom will allow me to go but she's really nice all of a sudden so yeay thankyou mom!Nabila Nasha Vadi and otherssss didn't came with so many reasons or maybe their parents won't let them.huuu, so i went with Iddo to pasific place and wait for him because he need to go to his saxophone lessons (so cool yeaaah?). then we went to kemchik to buy chips then off to Razy's hommeey which is in Bangka,Kemang <<<<<> Anka Probo Irsyan Tio was already there, playing online games i think. then when azan started, Ayes Incha Bina Raya Ani Caca came! yeay not the only girl no more. i ate one slice of Pizza Hut and kolak the Razy's mom made for us. and i was so full by then, the others did their praying and Irsyan was leading the magrib prayers and he used a surat that is long and all of us didn't reconize haha go go ustad irsyan. me and Raya did our prayers next coz the mukena was only 2. then we ate Ayam Betutu (actually there is no chicken in the menu -.- ) and all the lauk is like so spicy, even the padangnese peeps like Caca felt that is so spicy then the guys were sweating like they've just played futsal for hours. then we take picts and went up to Razy's roof which is so cool coz they have a gazeboo there. we also played fireworks which is cool :p and we thought that day was Lailatul Qadr coz there was no stars up above but i think that Jakarta never have any stars. i promised to be home by 8 but it was so much fun and i lost track of time so 8.30ish i went home and mom got a lil mad ontheway soooo yea thanks a lot for such a cool night! i'll put pictures here if Ayes already upload the picts to Facebook,

here's some picts that i promised you

the girls
us posing in front of Razy's houseand that's us on Razy's roof


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bukber Yasporbi :p

hey dudes and dudets! so i'm pretty bored now bcoz my dad is using the tv, done my prayers and my brothers aren't home yet so i guess i'll just share some unimportant story about last ready to be bored! but actually don't be. sorry if it's confusing

so i went to Dinda's at 4-ish i think, and when i got there she haven't even take a bath yet....duh,so i texted with Iddo while waiting. then Vita and Dina came, Dinda was almost ready when Naufal came. but she really need to do her hair so we waited tick tock tick tock. it was amost 5 when we got to Aryo's. everyone was ready so we split in to two cars >> Dimas Ryan Edo Aryo Dana and Dinda Dina Vita Naufal Kanu is using my car. the funny thing is we went diffrent ways, my car went to Tebet and the taxi went to!?! so we open our fasting by eating cheap maybe unhealthy "es buah" and the weird part the one who's selling it don't serve it witha cup but with a plastic!!! it's like super hard to eat the fruits and jellys so i only drink a little so i would have space for real food.
so that's the es buah as you can see, he didn't give us a spoon!
when we got to codefin, the others was already finished eating whoopers and frenchfries and ice cream and other cool and yummy but oh so many carbs. so i was thinking either i would eat those junkfoods and get fat or i'll eat a ceasar salad somewhere, but i was so hungry so ate a whopper anyway. and Naufal is so random by putting a kue lapis to an un-finished part of Dinda's burger. and someone wanted to try and eat it, but they aren't willing to puke after that ;p

then the boys went up to look at some shoes and us girls buy Coldstone (yummm wish i could have one now) and the cup ended up being eaten by the guys like in 5 minutes it was all gone. so we took some pictures and we met Ananda and is friend, which i forgot what's his name so sorry and there was Winner so took off and that went back to Aryo's. we took more pictures in the dark because of my oh so cool camera with it's oh so big flash, in the picture's it seems like we took it with a light on. which we didn't

that's the on pict that has a good pict of me in it so thats the one i'm uploading so see ya later

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