Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bukber Yasporbi :p

hey dudes and dudets! so i'm pretty bored now bcoz my dad is using the tv, done my prayers and my brothers aren't home yet so i guess i'll just share some unimportant story about last ready to be bored! but actually don't be. sorry if it's confusing

so i went to Dinda's at 4-ish i think, and when i got there she haven't even take a bath yet....duh,so i texted with Iddo while waiting. then Vita and Dina came, Dinda was almost ready when Naufal came. but she really need to do her hair so we waited tick tock tick tock. it was amost 5 when we got to Aryo's. everyone was ready so we split in to two cars >> Dimas Ryan Edo Aryo Dana and Dinda Dina Vita Naufal Kanu is using my car. the funny thing is we went diffrent ways, my car went to Tebet and the taxi went to!?! so we open our fasting by eating cheap maybe unhealthy "es buah" and the weird part the one who's selling it don't serve it witha cup but with a plastic!!! it's like super hard to eat the fruits and jellys so i only drink a little so i would have space for real food.
so that's the es buah as you can see, he didn't give us a spoon!
when we got to codefin, the others was already finished eating whoopers and frenchfries and ice cream and other cool and yummy but oh so many carbs. so i was thinking either i would eat those junkfoods and get fat or i'll eat a ceasar salad somewhere, but i was so hungry so ate a whopper anyway. and Naufal is so random by putting a kue lapis to an un-finished part of Dinda's burger. and someone wanted to try and eat it, but they aren't willing to puke after that ;p

then the boys went up to look at some shoes and us girls buy Coldstone (yummm wish i could have one now) and the cup ended up being eaten by the guys like in 5 minutes it was all gone. so we took some pictures and we met Ananda and is friend, which i forgot what's his name so sorry and there was Winner so took off and that went back to Aryo's. we took more pictures in the dark because of my oh so cool camera with it's oh so big flash, in the picture's it seems like we took it with a light on. which we didn't

that's the on pict that has a good pict of me in it so thats the one i'm uploading so see ya later


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