Monday, October 12, 2009

Medha's Surprise!

hello bloggers,so my bestfriend and the second leader of our lovely OSIS 2009 Talitha Medha Anindya 14th birthday!!!!! (i'm sure u've heard her name either FB Twitter or else).Chika was the one who wanted to give Medha a surprise in the firstplace so we started thinking what to make for her,and a light bulb come burstin out of our head (ha ha jayus) were gonna make a scrapbook!!!! ofcourse with memoriable pictures from7th until 9th grade. and signatures from the closest friends :) :) so i made the scrapbook from pieces of light and dark blue carton and tie them up with purple ribbon (not as good as it sounds like tho) and Chika will bring the markers and pictures from Gogirl. i have lots of pictures from the 7th grade which was so freaking hilarious, the poses and angles fufufu nice to left that behind. but my printer was out of tint so i asked Nadia to print it out, but then she asked Wina to do it.

sooo the picts was supposed to be in the scrapbook but Wina made lyk this big one instead with ribbons and stuff. so my scrapbook was for 38-39-40 peeps to sign, it was Faris and Chika's duty to get the sign from peeps and Wina & Pandu took the Blueberry Cheesecake which was soooooooo yummy and we ate it with our own bare hands. and Nadia Nadya to keep Meda busy

at first we wanted to bring her to 9d where the cheesecake was but finally we took it to her on the 2nd floor. hm there was Me Nabila Chika Vadi Nasha Nadya Faris Iddo Wina Pandu there and Nadia came when Medha finished blowing the candle. if there was a guitar i would ask Vadi to play her a song hahahaha :p then Risyad Sabila Incha came and sort of finished the whole thing and cheesecake war>>> Risyad threw it to Pandu's face (or someone else idr) -.- that was in the Acceleration class and Bu Farikah wanted to teach pm there and we sort of gotten mad at but it was fun lah :D




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