Monday, November 23, 2009

yep 1'm 14 now : )

hey last thursday on 19th November at 00.35....................i grew a year older. i'm 14 now haha for my friends it's lyk i'm sooo young coz some of them are even already 15. i may be young, but i aint the youngest, i'm guessing Nabila is the youngest since her birthday is on 20th December.

Some said happy birthday rite on 12 o'clock, even on that time i'm not even 14 yet. but i appriciate them waiting for 12 o'clock to say "Happy Birthday". Dad, Dina, Dinda, Zata, Nabila, Faris, Iddo, and who else i forgot. was the first 10 to say Happy Birthday on text messege. how nice of them, thanks alot :D a lot mentioned my birthday on Twitter and Facebook. but i haven't reply them all bcoz shoot there's so many.

in the morning, mom and dad wake up early to give me this Black Foresr Cake with candle's on it, mom made me this cool pop-up wish card from the whole family with writings on it. went to school and every1 is lyk "TSAAAMMY HAPPY BIRTHDAY" they hugged me and crap. in class, Mr.Nirwan even give his wishings in front of the class, as i recall he never done that to anyone........yet haha. Tante Mitha gave me this purple Crocs shoes and i wore them immediately!

after school, they brought me this huge Strawberry Cheese Cake from Nadia. and my friends bought me a super cool Swatch with comic picts on it. how nice :)))) and Nabila gave me this thick ficts book bout friendship and Nasha-Vadi gave me a comic of Romeo&Juliet and Macbeth by Shakespeare. cooool haha love em so much.

that day Iddo had this Physic competition that i should've done to but i would enter the English. so i didnt meet him much, at 7ish he came to my hommie and bring his present...a bag and sandals! cool ones.

Saturday i celebrate it with orphans and family and elementry sweethearts. Dad gave me a pink coloured digital camera.had so much fun, thanks a lot <3


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