Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Making Cupcakes at Faris's

heyho! so i'm not that good at introductions so let's just skip that and move on to the part where i actually tell you the here it goes...

last Sunday, Faris made this event (well not a formal event thou) at his house for open fasting together.Soooo my dad was like not sure to let me out on sunday night coz i'll spend less time with him if i go out. ouch,sorry dad. but i went anyway, won't miss this kind of things and i will meet Iddo, so that's a plus :D i went to Bloop, Tebet first to buy some t-shirts and stuff and i wanted to buy this really cool ankle boots and they don't have my sad ;p pissed bcoz i didnt got the shoes and it was freakin hot coz it's so crowded and the AC is broken -.- i went home and met Nabila outside of my hommie waitin for me, poor her haha. we played Sims 2 and i sort of killed our dad in the Sims coz i accidently let on a fire. did my prayers, and we are off to Faris's crib!

Iddo was there already, then Nasha along with Vadi ofcourse, than Annah and then Rommy. we watched Orphan in such a bad quality coz Faris bought it illegaly ahaha. We got bored and started making cupcakes.......Annah founded the ricipe on the net, and we followed it. what we need is powder, vanilli flavouring, the powder that makes the cupcake expand, couple of eggs and i forgot what else, the first thing that we do is

1. put everything in the bowl except the eggs2. stir it well
3. put the eggs in
4. pour them in small cups

5. put them in the oven for as long as it takes until it's baked.
6. clean up the mess

while we wait for the cupcakes to be baked we ate bcoz it's already magrib time.Farisis so generous by preparing loads of foods for us, there's Chicken-Es Buah-Fuyonghai-Noodles-Gorengan-and some veggie that i forgot what was it and oyeah this really good Satay!! thanks : ] i prayed than some played cards and some opened Youtube and some just hanged on the bed doin almost nothing haha. then the cupcake was ready! and this is how it looks like....
haha doesn't taste that good. it doesn't taste anything at all actually but thank god Annah bought some choco syrup so we pour it on top of it. and i make a small I in the middle with my cupcake, it's late and i went home with Nabila. so thanks a lot for an awesome night, gotta go

see ya later,


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