Friday, September 11, 2009

Open fasting with 8F 38 <3

hey! so actually i don't wanna post anything anymore but since my blog will be scored for the TIK subject, i guess it wouldn't hurt to post something so peeps will just keep talking bout my silly blog updates :p so last Thursday 8F made an open fasting event at Razy's house..........which first i didn't think that my mom will allow me to go but she's really nice all of a sudden so yeay thankyou mom!Nabila Nasha Vadi and otherssss didn't came with so many reasons or maybe their parents won't let them.huuu, so i went with Iddo to pasific place and wait for him because he need to go to his saxophone lessons (so cool yeaaah?). then we went to kemchik to buy chips then off to Razy's hommeey which is in Bangka,Kemang <<<<<> Anka Probo Irsyan Tio was already there, playing online games i think. then when azan started, Ayes Incha Bina Raya Ani Caca came! yeay not the only girl no more. i ate one slice of Pizza Hut and kolak the Razy's mom made for us. and i was so full by then, the others did their praying and Irsyan was leading the magrib prayers and he used a surat that is long and all of us didn't reconize haha go go ustad irsyan. me and Raya did our prayers next coz the mukena was only 2. then we ate Ayam Betutu (actually there is no chicken in the menu -.- ) and all the lauk is like so spicy, even the padangnese peeps like Caca felt that is so spicy then the guys were sweating like they've just played futsal for hours. then we take picts and went up to Razy's roof which is so cool coz they have a gazeboo there. we also played fireworks which is cool :p and we thought that day was Lailatul Qadr coz there was no stars up above but i think that Jakarta never have any stars. i promised to be home by 8 but it was so much fun and i lost track of time so 8.30ish i went home and mom got a lil mad ontheway soooo yea thanks a lot for such a cool night! i'll put pictures here if Ayes already upload the picts to Facebook,

here's some picts that i promised you

the girls
us posing in front of Razy's houseand that's us on Razy's roof



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