Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sporty Day

Heeey guys! This Saturday my friends and i had a plan to run in the morning in senayan. actually it should've been last week but a lot can't go that time. but this week Chika Nabila Hasya can't come uuuu so sad. Nasha and Vadi is having this concert in Bandung. soooo it was only me Wina Pandu Imam Faris.

i woke up at 5 am, then i showered and had a tiny portion of breakfast. then pandu 'ping'-ed me to come fast to accompany Wina. when i arrived there (was around 6 am) Wina hasn't even showered yet. good thing her house is in Kebayoran Lama. me and Wina met Pandu and Probo on the Baseball field. because they got this match against, we had Ketupat Sayur for breakfast which was really good :p then Reza came to pick Pandu and Probo up back to the baseball field. then atlast............we ran!!! for 2 laps around the dome which where they use to held soccer matches. then we met Nadia, she was going to have this competition.silat or something.

already sweaty we run back to my car to put Faris and Imam's bag. then we watched the baseball match.Iddo played...well. but we lost for 12-5, i think. aaaaaaaa just another badluck, got Hokben and went to Alpus with Faris. ohyeah we picked up Hasya from Nano first. i went to Alpus Transformation to see Naufal's school against 48 or whatever. he lost then i went home and watch This Is It and had dinner in Takigawa :) :)



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